Good evening and welcome to Kingfish hockey! On behalf of the players, management and staff, my fellow governors and I would like to thank you for joining us tonight to share the thrills and excitement of East Coast Hockey League action.

When we first came here, we knew that this is where we wanted our team to be. You see, we're just like you, taking great pride where we live and wanting to do our part to keep it a wonderful place with so much to offer. No doubt, the friendly, neighborly lifestyle that Baton Rouge does offer is one of the reasons why you are here, too.

The interest in Kingfish hockey during our inaugural season in Baton Rouge was just phenomenal! Averaging over 6,000 per game in attendance as well as shattering the league record for most season tickets in a team further emphasized what a truly great sports town Baton Rouge is!

Over the years, our foundation is one of many treasured memories. Memories that last a lifetime, on which we build tomorrow's dreams. We trust that we will continue to create those for you such as winning the Hibernia Bank Atchafalaya Cup.

With the loyal support of fans like you and our entire Baton Rouge community, our success is your success. Again, thank you and enjoy tonight's game!

Jim Clark
Chairman of the Board/CEO

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All rights reserved.